Milsted Langdon team donate time to beach clean up

Milsted Langdon beach cleanup

As part of its commitment to improve the environment and support local communities, South West accountancy firm Milsted Langdon has swept clean Stolford Beach.

Almost 20 members of its team took part in the day of action as part of the Million Mile Clean campaign, including the firm’s Chairman, Tim Close.

Armed with litter pickers and gloves, the volunteers from Milsted Langdon managed to clear the Somerset beach, near Bridgwater, of eight large bags of plastic and rubbish.

With the sun beating down on them, they worked hard to leave no stone unturned and were delighted to have left the beach cleaner.

I was surprised how much rubbish we collected during our beach clean. It was great to do our bit to improve the local environment and we hope that our efforts will help to keep this beach that little bit cleaner.

It is important that we as a firm take care of the communities and areas of nature that we work in and around.

Tim Close, Chairman, Milsted Langdon

Every year the Million Mile Clean mobilises up to 100,000 people to go out and do their bit to improve beaches, streets, rivers, parks and mountains. Milsted Langdon said it was proud to have played its part to improve the environment.

The clean-up is open to everyone and is a great way to get outside, meet new people and do something positive for the environment.

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