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Brozen Box launches a subscription gelato service

Brozen Box gelato subscription
Photos: Brozen Box

Brozen Bar, the company behind delicious cocktails, gelato and desserts, has launched a one of a kind monthly gelato box subscription called Brozen Box.

The company is responding to demand and diversifying its product range amid the pandemic, and will now offer the easy and mess-free gelato experience with a variety of unique flavours every month.

A box is delivered right to your door, containing everything you need to make three unique gelato flavours each month. This month’s selection of flavours includes ‘black apricot and almond’, ‘early harvest extra virgin olive oil and lemon’ and ‘fig and Spanish slices’.

Brozen Box gelato box and ingredients

For £22 per month and free delivery, each box contains:

  • Gelato base (enough for 3 tubs)
  • 3 swirls/stir-in flavours
  • Up to 3 toppings/garnishes
  • Custom tubs for
  • Recipe cards / instructions

When you receive a box, you simply follow the instructions and freeze the combined ingredients in your ice cream maker at home.

As the only UK wide gelato subscription service, Brozen Box prides itself on a high-quality premium product. With the gelato base using milk from Jersey cows and the ingredient combinations being scientifically matched, Brozen Box promises only the highest grade of product.

Brozen Box

The company was founded by twin brothers, Ben and Joe, who come from a small Cornwall farm where they grew up making homemade ice cream from locally foraged wild blackberries, elderflowers and sorrel.

Ben and Joe, founders of Brozen Box

The pair set off on a venture to explore gelato further with a cycle ride across Europe in 2015, searching for the best they could find. With newly gained information from the cycle ride and scientific journals, Ben and Joe launched their liquid nitrogen gelato stall in a market at the heart of Bristol.

Through trial, error and extensive research, the twins opened the doors to their five-star rated Brozen Bar – “the first specialist frozen cocktail bar”.

As demand increased from friends, family and customers, Brozen Bar expanded and launched the above-described Brozen Box subscription service.

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